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Redwood Family Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

We all struggle from time-to-time. But sometimes our struggles are too great to overcome without help. At Redwood Family Therapy, we have trained and caring therapists who will walk with you through your journey of healing. Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual addiction, abuse, ADHD, or any other number of problems, we have caring therapists ready to help.

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Marriage and Couples Therapy

Marriage and couple relationships can be the greatest source of happiness. But when things go wrong, a bad relationship can negatively impact every aspect of our lives. Our therapists are specially trained in the intricate dynamics of relationships. They can help you get things back on track in your marriage, relationship, and your life. Don’t lose the most precious part of your life to miscommunication, fighting, or differences in personality.

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Family Therapy

Family can be wonderful, and at times overwhelming! Whether you need help in parenting, communication, integrating families in a second marriage, or just want to help your family grow even stronger, we can help. We have therapists that are uniquely qualified to work with all intricacies involved in family interactions and healing. At Redwood Family Therapy, we work with families of all ages and situations. Don’t lose hope, get help today!

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We all struggle from time-to-time. But sometimes it is too great to overcome without help. At Redwood Family Therapy, we have trained and caring therapists who will walk with you through your journey of healing. Whether you struggle with depression or anxiety we have caring people ready to help.

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Pornography and Sexual Addiction Therapy

If you or your loved one is struggling with pornography and sexual addiction, you know that this addiction brings pain and heartache to everyone involved. You have probably tried everything you can think of to fix the problem and heal, but constant relapses or reminders of betrayal trauma are keeping you from being free. Whether it is you, your spouse, a child, or a loved one who is suffering, addiction profoundly affects us all.

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Trauma & Abuse

If you or someone you love has been hurt or traumatized by someone or some event in their lives, you know how overwhelming and hard it can be. Our expert trauma therapists can help people come to terms with and heal from the horrific things that happen. While traumatic events are awful, it is nice to know there is hope.

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Online Therapy

At Redwood Family Therapy we understand that sometimes it is difficult or impossible to make it into our office due to distance, anxiety, or other complicating factors. We offer secure, HIPAA compliant online therapy options.

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If you are looking for professional hypnotherapy, we have a wonderful, licensed and trained therapist ready to help! Hypnotherapy can be very effective in treating a variety of needs. To learn more, click below!

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Therapy For The Deaf

Rachelle began learning sign language over 15 years ago. She had a Deaf friend in high school, and subsequently was interested in becoming fluent in ASL. That desire turned into a career, as Rachelle attended Idaho State University for her Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Interpreting for the Deaf. Rachelle worked with children and teenagers in academic settings for a few years, working in both Utah and Oregon, before entering graduate school for her advanced degree in Social Work. Rachelle has experience in both ASL and SEE (Signing Exact English).

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Recommended Books

We have hand picked several books that you can benefit from regardless of your situation. We absolutely love them and know you will enjoy them as well.

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