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When Your Mariage Needs

Individualized & Effective Therapy

Sometimes traditional weekly therapy is either too slow or not in-depth enough to make the changes you are looking for. Dr. Dome and his team offer a more intensive, and deeply personalized therapeutic approach to become an expert on you and your relationship. This includes a personalized in-home therapy to get to know you in context (in the environment where your marriage interactions happen the most) and a comprehensive combination of therapy, coaching, and skill-building to help you achieve an unprecedented understanding of each other, your relationship, and to heal and deepen your love.  Through this method, you can accomplish the equivalent of 6 months to a year of traditional therapy in as little as a month.

Dr. Dome on Intensive Couples Therapy

The Solution

Since your relationship is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all model therapy. To better help you understand this comprehensive and uniquely tailored therapy, here are some of the fundamental options available:

  • You and your spouse will have an initial screening and assessment to make sure that this service is a good match for your unique therapy. Minimum requirements for couple safety and commitment to the marriage must be met for this type of assistance.
  • Therapy sessions will be longer, from 2 hours to much of the day depending on need and time allotment. This time will consist of therapy, education, and getting to know you and your relationship needs in a more real-life setting. Most sessions will ideally take place in the home, but therapy location is also more flexible and based on what is best for the situation.
  • Some sessions will include an additional therapist with Dr. Dome who has a specialization in your specific needs. This provides additional perspective and expertise for you and your marriage. Also, Dr. Dome will consult with his team of therapists at Redwood Family Therapy regarding your needs to further ensure comprehensive and highly effective assistance.
  • You will have frequent access to your therapist through texts, emails, video chats, etc. to facilitate both speed and quality of change in the relationship.
  • Some individual sessions may be part of the process depending on individual needs and circumstances. These sessions may or may not be more traditional office visits.
  • Many, if not all, therapeutic goals should be met during the first 30 days (the intensive phase of therapy). Continuing therapy can be added if needed and follow-up sessions are usually recommended to help ensure lasting change.


We want to give you uniquely tailored therapy specific to your relationship's unique needs, and as such, there is no set amount of time or fee. The following is a general idea and will be tailored to your particular needs. Given the time commitment including travel, contact between meetings, research, and flexibility, minimum rates start at $10,000 for a single week, and $30,000 for a month (4 weeks) of intensive marriage therapy. This includes a minimum of 12 hours a week of face-to-face sessions, with between-session contact, and personalized education and coaching. A unique contract will be written up and agreed upon for your specific needs. An initial phone screening will help determine initial eligibility, followed by a screening and assessment session. This initial session is $500, which will be applied to the overall price if you meet criteria, are accepted, and a contract is signed for intensive therapy.

In summary-


  • Phone screening (up to 20 minutes) - complimentary
  • Initial screening and assessment session (up to 2 hours) - $500 (applied to total if accepted)
  • Full therapeutic experience - Varies depending on each couple's unique needs. Month-long intensive options starts at $30,000.

What People are Saying about Intensive Couples Therapy with Dr. Dome-


At first, it was strange for us having therapy in our home (or in a park for that matter), but pretty soon it was like having a new friend. A friend with great insight and experience, helping us heal. Great experience!


Unlike Any Traditional Therapy

Having Dr. Dome in our home, getting to know us and our needs, was amazing. I've been in couples therapy before, but with this intensive and personalized format, we would do what felt like a month's worth of work and progress in just three or four days! The phone contacts, emails, and insights were phenomenally helpful. I highly recommend working with Dr. Dome this way!

I Can't Say Enough

Lance Dome has saved my marriage and quite possibly my life. He is knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate, caring, appropriately hilarious, and expertly maintains the delicate balance between demanding more of you and patiently waiting for you to be ready to move forward.

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