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Online Therapy

Online therapyThanks to the magic of modern technology, you no longer have to come in to see your therapist face-to-face. While we still feel like there are some benefits to in-person therapy, many studies have shown the efficacy of online therapy (also called telemedicine or telehealth). If you live in *Utah but it just too far for you to come in for a session, you need to meet with your therapist mostly in person but will need some online sessions out of convenience, or any other reason you may have to meet with your therapist screen-to-screen, we have options for you. Our secure, confidential, HIPAA compliant options can help you get therapy even when you can't come in. Choose from any of our expert, licensed, caring therapists and set up a counseling session today!


Some of the many benefits include:

  • Saving time and money by not having to travel or not needing to find child-care.
  • You don't have to worry about running into your neighbor in the waiting room.
  • You can have a session on your lunch break.
  • If you have anxiety or agoraphobia, you will not have to leave the comfort of where you are.


On our end, we ensure our connection is secure and that no one can hear our conversation. On your end, make sure that you are on a secure connection (if WiFi, make sure it is password protected) and that no one can overhear your session without you wanting them to. Use headphones with a microphone (most any smartphone headphones work great).

Contact us if you have any questions or click below to schedule your appointment.


*Online therapy through Redwood Family Therapy is available only to people residing in the state of Utah. Because of licensure laws, the therapist must be in the state they are licensed in as well as the client be physically in the state. We hope these restrictions will change to meet our online needs, but until then, online or not, we both have to be in Utah.

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