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Our Expert Depression Therapists


Do you or someone you know struggle with depression? In a nutshell, depression is feeling sad, hopeless, alone, discouraged, or just generally “down.” Everyone will experience this at some point in their lives. It really becomes a problem when you feel this way for more than 2 weeks. This can become a type of depression, known as Major Depressive Disorder, that can be very difficult to overcome without help.

Depression is so commonplace that it is almost certain that you know at least one person affected by it. Recent studies have shown that in the United States depression is the leading cause of disability and effects as many as 15 million adults nationwide. But if you are the person struggling with depression, it doesn’t matter how many others are dealing with it. You feel alone. Depression brings a depth of despair and heaviness that us unbearable. But the good news is: there is help and there is hope.


There are many ways that therapy can help overcome depression. In general, there is a root cause, and while there are so many factors leading to depression, therapy can help get to the core issues and find solutions. Having someone to talk to about the depression can help people see things from a different perspective and see hope that was not seen before. Plus there are many techniques and tips that help keep people out of depression in the future. Therapy with a trained therapist has been proven time and again to be effective in overcoming this crippling problem.


We have therapists trained in helping people overcome depression, therapists who are compassionate and caring as well as knowledgable. Contact us today to get started on healing.

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Our Expert Depression Therapists