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Hypnotherapy – Common Questions and Concerns

Sometimes people have reservations when they hear the term “hypnotherapy”.  It is important to differentiate between the hypnosis you might see on television or a stage and the hypnosis that is used medically and therapeutically.  To help you understand the difference, let’s address a few of the most commonly asked questions and concerns: Can everyone…

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Emotional Landmines

All people have topics or behavior that are emotional landmines. I think of watching M.A.S.H and seeing a big sign saying, “DANGER-MINE FIELD.” I love to picture this sign in my relationships. If these emotional landmines are going to be there I think it is essential for survival to create a boundary around the mine…

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What is Trauma, Really?

Trauma is a word that is thrown around a lot these days. “I was so traumatized when they were out of navel oranges at the grocery store.” “I feel traumatized because I just found out my husband is having an affair.” “My son fell off his bike and skinned his knee, and I’m afraid he…

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Is It ADHD or Is It Trauma?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a term that’s thrown around a lot in our society.  Symptoms commonly displayed are a racing mind, the inability to maintain focus or follow through, lack of concentration, forgetfulness or foggy thinking, restlessness, irritability, hyperactivity, over-focus, compulsions and/or obsessive thinking.  If an individual, adult or child, displays any of these symptoms,…

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How Does Unresolved Trauma Contribute to Anxiety and Depression?

Often when we think about the word “trauma”, we think of something deeply distressing, a disturbing experience, or a horrible injury.  We don’t always associate it on a smaller scale and therefore don’t recognize the ways that traumatic events can continue to affect our daily lives. As humans, our natural tendency is to avoid risk…

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What is Trauma Anyway?

The word “trauma” has a bad reputation.  True, trauma is never associated with good things, but even just the word can cause a negative reaction within us.  If we were to label the same situation as “challenging” rather than “traumatic”, would it create a different response?  Instead of running away from the situation, would we…

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Healing Trauma Using Hypnotherapy

Have you ever broken a bone? If not, let me walk you through the process. If it’s not immediately obvious that it’s broken, you usually don’t know that something is wrong until it starts to swell and bruising is visible. Once you’ve determined that you need to see a doctor, they’ll ask, “what happened to…

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10 School Tips For Your Kids

Is your child nervous about starting school? Here’s some ideas to help you prepare your children to be successful at school this year. 1. Communication Keep relationships with your kids that are open, respectful and positive. Stay on your kids’ team, don’t play against them. This will allow you to be most influential with them,…

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