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Relationship Advice

Emotional Landmines

All people have topics or behavior that are emotional landmines. I think of watching M.A.S.H and seeing a big sign saying, “DANGER-MINE FIELD.” I love to picture this sign in my relationships. If these emotional landmines are going to be there I think it is essential for survival to create a boundary around the mine…

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Love Your Spouse More Than Your Phone

I love technology. I couldn’t live without my cell phone or my laptop. But our modern technologies that keep us so connected with the world tend to make us less connected with our families.  Too often I see time at home filled with TV shows, surfing the internet, and chatting on the phone. Couples on…

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Finding Balance in Your Relationship

So many people understand that it is important to find balance in your life, but many people misunderstand how it works.  Some people seem to think it means doing a little of everything each day.  Others think it means dedicating equal amounts of time to each area of your life, such as work, play, family,…

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