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Getting Therapy Outside of the Box

When people think of therapy, most likely they think of going to see a therapist once a week or every 2 weeks for a 50-minute session. This is common and works in some instances, but just because it is common doesn’t mean it is the best way to do therapy. This model has been around…

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Hypnotherapy – Common Questions and Concerns

Sometimes people have reservations when they hear the term “hypnotherapy”.  It is important to differentiate between the hypnosis you might see on television or a stage and the hypnosis that is used medically and therapeutically.  To help you understand the difference, let’s address a few of the most commonly asked questions and concerns: Can everyone…

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Therapy- Short-Term Relief or Long-Term Healing?

There’s something alleviating about the process of venting out our thoughts and feelings. Some amazing feelings come of that– relief, feeling understood, maybe a connection with another person, not feeling alone, etc. Someone to sit with you while you’re in pain. Even if it is in silence. I hope we have all felt that in…

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Life, Struggles, and Stones

Life is hard. Sometimes insanely, please make it stop, hard. Does it have to be this way? Does everyone struggle like this? In those dark moments of depression or sadness, it seems like no one else could possibly have it so bad. But I promise you, we all have our share of bad times. And…

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